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Alternative top hat.Your payment options

You have several payment options. We can invoice you, or the other option is to use Paypal, depending on the account....see below for more details and the procedure to submit a deposit on a job via Paypal

Alternative top hat.Invoicing

With indexing projects and established clients, we'll coordinate payment via electronic invoicing at the end of the project.

Alternative top hat.Paypal

Paypal expands payment options, bringing an added convenience to our clients who may opt to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or through their bank account ~ all at no extra charge to them.

Paypal is used for deposits based on an estimate already provided to you....please use the following Paypal payment option per our prior correspondence related to your estimate, and any specific instructions that have been sent to you in advance from Top Hat Word & Index staff.

We thank you for your business!

Please choose the deposit option based on your estimate...


Alternative top hat.Statements

Upon client request, we'll follow up at the end of every quarter with a statement of account activity for that prior three month period. We can even throw in a copy of our quarterly newsletter, Dexter's Corner!

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